Cahit Arf V1.0 - A Data Extraction Utility for Weka

Cahit Arf by Prime Components is an open source (LGPL licensed) utility for WEKA machine learning library which simplifies data extraction from relational databases and ARFF file preparation. Refer to the User's Guide for more technical details and installation.

You can get more information about "Attribute-Relation File Format (ARFF)" from WEKA project site or a local copy of ARFF specification.

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System Requirements

What does 'Cahit Arf' mean?

Cahit Arf is a famous Turkish mathematician (1910-1997).

Professor Ikeda says :

"To every problem, he has his own idea of approach. The characteristic of his approach is thoroughness; he always seeks invariants, and prefers explicit constructions rather than combination of existing theories. Once he determines his approach, he energetically tackles the problem and never gives up until he achieves his aim. If one studies Cahit Arf's works, which are full of originality and painstaking computations, one will surely wonder where Arf gets his inspirations, and how he gets insight into most complicated computations."

(Ikeda, PhD)

You can read more about his biography and work from following pages

Cahit Arf page in METU Mathematics site

Arf entry in The MacTutor History of Mathematics

TO DO List

Improvement ideas to be implemented in the next releases of Cahit Arf :

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Cahit Arf is licensed under the terms of the GNU LGPL. So, you can use, modify, or distribute this software for FREE in either personal/academic or commercial projects.

If you, however, use Cahit Arf utility in commercial projects, and whish to support our open source development effort, we would appreciate your donations.